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Educational Videogame: "Acuáticos"

In addition to the elaboration of educational and practical guides to scientifically investigate the problem of litter in the environment, the "Científicos de la Basura" have dabbled in the development of technological tools applied to learning and pedagogy, creating an educational videogame called "Acuáticos" (in English: "Aquatic").

This project was funded by the Chilean Explora-CONICYT Program and serves as a pedagogical support for teachers from elementary to middle school, to teach the students about the ocean and about some of the anthropogenic problems that affect it, and also to raise awareness about how to lead a lifestyle that is friendlier with the environment.

To play "Acuáticos", visit

You can play for free on a computer, tablet or smartphone, as well as in different languages (Spanish, English or German). If any person or school has difficulty playing online, the videogame also has a downloadable version which can be installed and played from the computer desktop (

For more information about the project, click here.

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